Shepard Fairey Unveils New Hope Poster to Support Occupy Movement

The artist behind the iconic Obama “Hope” poster has designed a new version in support of the Occupy Wall Street movement

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Shepard Fairey

The artist behind the iconic Barack Obama Hope poster has designed a new version in support of the Occupy Wall Street movement. This time around, Shepard Fairey has replaced – or covered – the President’s face with the Guy Fawkes mask synonymous with the protests, reports the Washington Post.

The 31-year-old, who rose to fame following the 2008 frenzy over his image of candidate Obama, said the latest offering is a statement of support to both the man and the cause.

“As flawed as the system is,” he wrote on his blog last week, “I see Obama as a potential ally of the Occupy movement if the energy of the movement is perceived as constructive, not destructive. I still see Obama as the closest thing to ‘a man on the inside’ that we have presently.”

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Fairey also shared his thoughts on the relationship between the President and the anticapitalism protests sweeping the U.S. and other countries – and called on doubters to stick with Obama.

“Change is not about one election, one rally, one leader, it is about a constant dedication to progress and a constant push in the right direction. Let’s be the people doing the right thing as outsiders and simultaneously push the insiders to do the right thing for the people.”

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