Naturally, Rebecca Black’s ‘Friday’ Reappears – in Kohl’s Black Friday Advertisment

Their parody is just as earworm-worthy as the original.

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Sure, the song may be an anthem for any generic Friday, but it’s only natural that it makes a reprisal to promote the most (in)famous Friday of the year: the day after Thanksgiving that marks the beginning of the holiday shopping season.

Kohl’s was the lucky retail outlet that nabbed Rebecca Black’s awesomely bad smash hit “Friday” to advertise its Black Friday sales. Naturally, the term “Rebecca Black Friday” is an undeniably potent combo. And their parody is just as earworm-worthy as the original — though it’s not clear if this will actually convince viewers to run to Kohl’s when their doors open at midnight on Black Friday.

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But sing along, and you might be convinced: “Black Friday, Black Friday, gotta go to Kohl’s on Black Friday. Everybody’s going there at midnight, midnight,” a middle-aged woman croons while filling her cart with gifts. Doesn’t she realize it’s too early to be so jovial in the aisles? And the store is suspiciously empty; we see no groggy shoppers fighting over the last of the underpriced yet overrated electronic gadgets. Wait a sec, is that the actual Rebecca Black in the store (in the red coat about halfway through)? The jury is still out – it could be a solid lookalike – but in case you had any doubt, it’s clear that the 14-year-old has launched into mainstream fame. However, Kohl’s use of the song could be construed as either a brilliant viral plug or a damaging association. We suppose that will depend on the amount of green Kohl’s sees on Black Friday.

Or is Kohl’s simply parodying themselves by using the song? In perhaps the ultimate moment of humility and self-reflection, the Wisconsin-based department store acknowledges how annoying the song is: “Can’t get this darn song out of my head.” So the only Black Friday dilemma remaining is: Which store will you choose?

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