Reading While Eating for November 23: Life Skills

Here are the must read links for your lunch hour.

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Brian Snyder / Reuters

Patriots' Gronkowski scores a touchdown over Chiefs' Johnson in their NFL football game in Foxborough

Analyze This: We picked our top 10 movie shrinks. Clearly we have some sort of fixation. (TIME)

Playing with Pay Scales: This interactive illustrates what the median pay is for your job, and the gender divide that exists within your industry. It might be the push you need to ask for a raise. (Guardian)

Writer on Writer: What’s it like to meet a beloved writer? Gabriel Garcia Marquez (a beloved author himself) describes meeting Ernest Hemingway. (Wired)

If You Can Make It Here…: Much has been written about what it takes to actually be a New Yorker, yet no one really seems to know for certain. Here’s more, thoroughly enjoyable, ruminating on what a New Yorker is.  (Village Voice)

Tips on Surviving Cancer: It’s just what it sounds like it is though it could alternatively be called “Tips On How To Treat Those Battling Cancer.” There’s good stuff in here. (The Hairpin)

Viral Video: Amy Winehouse’s posthumous single now has a video. Listen while you weep. (YouTube)