The Bachelorette’s Ali and Roberto Split Up

They were engaged for longer than 72 days--there's something to be said for that

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Paul Archuleta / Getty

The Bachelorette's Ali Fedotowsky and Roberto Martinez announced their break up earlier this week

Another case of happily never after for a reality show couple.

Former Bachelorette Ali Fedotowsky and Roberto Martinez, her handsome hand-picked fiancé, have ended their relationship and engagement after 18 months together.

The couple originally planned an August wedding, but postponed it due to Fedotowsky’s knee surgery. Then, a few weeks ago, Fedotowsky announced that wedding plans had been put on hold indefinitely, though she did tell People at the time that “we’re still engaged, we’re still living together. We just don’t feel the need to walk down the aisle right now.”

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In the 15 seasons of Bachelor and 7 seasons of Bachelorette, only one couple has made good on the final-show marriage proposal–Trista and Ryan Sutter from season 1 of Bachelorette. Jason Mesnick, season 13‘s titular bachelor, married the show’s runner-up; Ashley Hebert, the most recent bachelorette, is still engaged to her final suitor.

With odds like those, it’s wholly unsurprising that Fedotowsky and Martinez did not seal the deal. But anyone with a soul who watched Martinez’s televised proposal last year is surely at least a little heartbroken. And though they remain part of the rule for Bachelor/ette couples, they lasted longer than most.

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