Treasure Hunt: Mystery Million Dollars in Suitcase Found in Cafe

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Australian Dollar

An Australian pizzeria got more dough than they wanted when staff discovered a suitcase stuffed with a million dollars (US $977,000) cash left behind by a mysterious man.

The plot thickened when Sydney police then picked up the forgetful patron and took him to hospital for an unknown pre-existing medical condition, according to the Sydney Morning Herald.

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Investigators are yet to interview the culprit – allegedly a 49-year-old Chinese man from Hong Kong in Australia on a student visa. But not surprisingly their eyebrows are raised at the unusual haul.

“Our friend in hospital has some questions to answer once he is released,” acting Superintendent Ian Pryde told the Morning Herald. The unlocked suitcase was full of genuine, used Australian currency in various denominations, along with personal items and identification documents, Pryde added.

The man, reportedly dressed in a yellow sleeveless shirt, shorts and sandals, left the bag in Caffe Marco early Tuesday morning. After ordering coffee, and acting nervously according to staff, he abruptly left – without his suitcase. He was spotted and picked up nearby later in the day.

It’s the second time this year Australian cops have found bags stuffed with large amounts of cash, after two men were charged with recklessly dealing with the proceeds of crime when they arrived at a station allegedly carrying two suitcases with millions in cash. But Pryde said the case was still unusual: “I don’t carry that much around with me. Do you? I think most of us are just happy to have $20 in our wallet.”

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