Reading While Eating for November 28: Get the Message

Monday's links ease you into the week with lots of lists.

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Eric Thayer / Reuters

A customer sleeps at Macy's department store in New York November 25, 2011. Stores pushed post-Thanksgiving openings into Thursday evening, getting an early start on Black Friday

Occupy Madison Avenue: The Occupiers have yet to establish a leader. But Adbusters magazine can stake the claim to branding the Occupy Wall Street movement. (New York Times)

Lost Literature: Forty years after Jack Kerouac’s death, his first-ever novel has been published. Check out 10 long-lost novels, finally found. (Flavorwire)

Iconic Shots: Take a visual break with the 75 best photos published in LIFE magazine. (LIFE)

Not So Tweet: A teenager was called to apologize after tweeting mean remarks about Kansas governor Sam Brownback. But she won’t budge. (The Daily What)

Ranking Rituals: Ever wonder how journalists come up with all those year-end Top 10 lists? Take a look at how our Albums and Songs of the year lists get created. (TIME Entertainment)

Famous Firsts: What’s it like when your first kiss happens at your wedding — and on national television? TLC’s new show, The Virgin Diaries, has it covered. (The Hairpin)

Viral Video: Montblanc held a one-second film festival. Here’s a compilation of the winners. (Boing Boing)