Finally, Miley Cyrus Weighs In on Occupy Wall Street

From "Party in the USA" to "Protest in the USA."

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First Third Eye Blind, now Miley Cyrus. Who’s next to sound off on the Occupy movement?

In an unlikely pairing, Miley Cyrus, who celebrated her 19th birthday on November 23 with a raucous party, has dedicated her new song “Liberty Walk” to the Occupy Wall Street supporters, releasing a video for the single that includes a montage of Occupy protests around the world — and not one glimpse of Cyrus herself.

The dance-inspired track is (not surprisingly) generic pop, but the message is meant to be hopeful — you know, stand up for what you believe in, don’t give up, etc. And in case you didn’t catch that theme through the lyrics, the video is proceeded by a dedication: “This is dedicated to the thousands of people who are standing up for what they believe in.” Just so we’re clear on that.

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While many celebrities have thrown the weight of their fame behind the Occupy movement over the past few months, the irony of that fact isn’t lost on anyone.

For instance, Cyrus came in at number 18 on Forbes list of Hollywood’s highest earners in 2010, with estimated earnings of $48 million. That certainly places her in the 1%. But the protesters aren’t attacking Hollywood’s greed (at least not yet), but instead the Big Banks, so Cyrus, along with Kanye West, Russell Simmons and others, are safe showing their support for people power.

We admit that the tune is catchy (in the way that it will obnoxiously reverberate in your head for the rest of the day) but we’re not so sure that “Liberty Walk” will catch on at Occupy encampments. Not unless the Occupiers have an unrequited love for staid dance beats and teen idols.

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