You Know It’s Christmas When Improv Everywhere Brings Out the Santa Sketches

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Now that Black Friday is over, holiday shoppers are heading back to the mall without fear of pepper spray. But mall shopping at this time of the year carries other risks than overzealous customers and overcharged credit cards. For example, Santa Claus-themed impromptu musicals.

The Internet’s favorite flash mob crew, Improv Everywhere, has returned with a Christmas-inspired musical surprise just in time for the holidays. Lucky shoppers at a New Jersey area mall were snapped out of there Christmas shopping doldrums when a pseudo-spontaneous Christmas musical unfolded around them. The speechless shoppers were treated to a song straight out of the season’s playbook complete with a singing Christmas present, a child who isn’t sure he believes in Santa any more, and Jolly Old Saint Nick himself saving the day.

While the musical lacks in the genius of Improv Everywhere’s Star Wars subway sketch, which is truly one of the most inspired pieces of street theater ever, it makes up for in heartwarming holiday joy. And when you’re at the mall staring down other shoppers over the latest Elmo iteration, that’s enough.

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