Reading While Eating for December 1: Your Biggest Fan

Thursday's links ring in December with beloved puppets and super-fast rappers.

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Navesh Chitrakar / Reuters

People gather around lit candles to mark the upcoming World AIDS Day in Kathmandu, Nepal on November 30, 2011. World AIDS Day, which falls on December 1, 2011, aims to raise awareness to tackle the prejudice towards HIV-infected people and help stop its spread

Why She Stayed: As sexual abuse cases keep making the news, the wife of a pedophile explains why she stayed with her husband. (Salon)

Moving On Up: Occupy Wall Street has moved from Zuccotti Park to a fancy Wall Street office — and a meeting space in the lobby of a bank. (CNN)

Sesame Speak: Elmo (and puppeteer Kevin Clash) stopped by our offices for a hard-hitting interview. (TIME)

Devastating Disease: On World AIDS Day, take a look at the deeply moving photo that first made the disease hit home. (LIFE)

Massive Models: The world’s largest model railroad and model airport went on display in Germany this week. They’re unbelievably intricate. (The Daily What)

Fans Know Best: Take a look at some of the best fan-created music videos on YouTube. (Flavorwire)

Actually Impressive: A lightning-fast rap parody about pancakes, from a nerdy white guy. Internet gold — but headphones on, there’s a curse word every now and then. (Viral Viral Videos)