Old Navy Flubs Founding Dates on Its Collegiate T-Shirts

Do a quick fact-check before buying team-spirit tees from three state universities.

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Old Navy

The shirts may be fashionable, but is there no sense of basic fact-checking at apparel companies or what?

Old Navy has produced a line of collegiate T-shirts, but unfortunately didn’t do its homework, printing incorrect founding years for three of the 29 universities featured. As Yahoo! Sports blog Dr. Saturday reports, the retailer printed 1820, 1878, and 1881 as the founding years for the University of Iowa, Colorado and Arizona, respectively. The actual founding years are 1847 (a 27-year difference from Old Navy’s version!), 1876, and 1885. If hunting around on a school’s website for the correct date is too hard (but, really, you just click on the “About” section), you could at least search Wikipedia.

This isn’t even the first time the brand has failed to double-check its work. Just this past summer, Old Navy released a collection of T-shirts called “Superfan Nation,” featuring various NFL and college sports teams, emblazoned with an excited “Lets go!!”—which is missing a crucial apostrophe. Whoever put that through was clearly too busy jumping out of his or her seat in excitement to proofread.

Old Navy issued a statement apologizing for the “misprint” and said, “We’re confident they will be moved from our shelves very soon.”

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