Disney Digs: House Modeled After Up Sells for $400,000

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Paul Fraughton / Salt Lake Tribune / AP

A full scale rendition of the house in the animated movie, "Up," located in Herriman, Utah

You may love movies, but do you love them enough to drop $400,000 to live in a house modeled after one? Two self-described Disney and Pixar fanatics have purchased a home in Utah that was built to be a near-exact replica of the Fredricksons’ beloved home in the Pixar film Up.

“We just love the message of the movie – adventure is out there,” Lynette Hamblin told the Salt Lake Tribune. Ms. Hamblin and her husband, Clinton, related closely to the  happily married couple, Carl and Ellie Fredrickson, at the center of the bittersweet animated feature. The Hamblins want to grow old together as the Fredricksons did, but the first step to their dream was to find the right home in which to grow old gracefully.  They began their hunt for something akin to the Fredricksons’ home with its multi-colored pastel exterior and powder blue retro kitchen appliances. The couple had been searching for an Up style house close to their Petaluma, Calif., home, but when they heard about the house in Herriman, Utah, they jumped on it. Despite the fact that the home wasn’t actually for sale.

The builder, Bangerter Homes, had built the Up-inspired home — complete with the pastel exterior and retro appliances — after receiving special permission from Disney. The only stipulation for the construction was that after completion, plans for the house had to be turned over to Disney, which means the house is truly one of a kind. But Bangerter never officially listed the house for sale, instead using the house to attract tourists to Herriman. However, once they met the Hamblins, they knew the house had found its true owners. “They love it. They want to leave it just as it is,” Blair Bangerter told the Tribune. “We’re leaving it in good hands.” No word on whether hundreds of balloons were included in the asking price.


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