Jimmy Kimmel Gets Parents to Give Kids Lousy Presents, Tape Reaction

The late-night host is making everyone but kids laugh with his latest prank.

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A great comedian will do anything for a laugh. And for talk show host Jimmy Kimmel, that includes ruining Christmas for kids just to amuse his television audience. Has anyone checked to see if Kimmel’s heart is two sizes too small?

The late-night host is making a name for himself by terrorizing children. Earlier this year he got parents to record their kids’ reactions as they trick them into believing they ate all their Halloween candy.


Now, Kimmel has moved onto Christmas. In the spirit of the season,  the host challenged his audience to give their kids awful Christmas presents and record their responses to some truly terrible gifts. The videos were uploaded to YouTube and the best (or worst, depending on if you have feelings) were unveiled on Jimmy Kimmel Live!. Go ahead and empathize, but the truth is you’re probably laughing, too. But see how much you chuckle when Santa gives you coal in your stocking. Or, you know, a half-eaten sandwich instead.

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