Friday Flicks: Is Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol the Best Tom Cruise Film in Years?

Grab some popcorn! NewsFeed's Glen Levy brings you the movies you should check out (or avoid) this weekend.

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Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol


Tagline: No Plan. No Backup. No Choice.

Among Pixar’s magnificent body of work, we’ve always felt that The Incredibles was the underrated masterpiece produced by the studio. But now director Brad Bird (who sounds more like a Pixar title than a real name) gets his big chance to direct a live-action movie and has gone in at the deep end, helming the fourth film in the Tom Cruise vehicle that is Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol. No pressure, Brad.

As for the story, we couldn’t put it better than the way the Guardian described it. “The plot barely matters: Ethan must outwit foreigners from other films – The Girl with a Dragon Tattoo‘s Michael Nyqvist, Slumdog Millionaire‘s Anil Kapoor – in a way that allows for maximum attractive globetrotting as well as optimum global box office.” And there’s not too much in the sneering from the rest of the review, as it concludes that “This is a good value, bang for your buck, old-fashioned blockbuster that makes up in action what it lacks in soul.”

Other reviews thus far have been equally kind. “A film that delivers two hours plus of thrilling blockbuster entertainment with a goofy grin on its face,” is the argument from Total Film. And The Hollywood Reporter riffs on NewsFeed’s favorite Pixar flick: “It may not be The Incredibles, but there is some fairly incredible stuff to be found in Mission: Impossible —Ghost Protocol.” For anyone who had the misfortune to sit through MI:3, Bird might have just given flight to the continuation of the franchise.

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