Awww-Inducing Holiday Moment: Senior-Citizen Flash Mob Dances to ‘Last Christmas’

Shoppers at one Target store were treated to what must be one of the most subdued flash-mob performances ever.

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A group of elderly ladies broke out in a supercute dance to Glee’s version of “Last Christmas” in a Target store in Lawrence, Kansas, prompting charmed onlookers to whip out their cameras and start filming.

The routine consisted mostly of hip swaying and arm waving. The lead dancer was a woman who had a large red heart hanging from her neck, and a man wandered into the center of the group to play the role of the one who gave her heart away.

As the song went on, more elderly women trickled in to join the flash mob — having to rely on walkers did not get in the way for at least two of them.

Target’s signature color red does greatly lend to the festive vibe. No word on whether the performance was in response to Todrick Hall’s flash mob that danced to Beyonce at a Target earlier this year:


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