Two Holidays In One With A Patriotic Christmas Lights Show

An Christmas light display brings Christmas and the Fourth of July together at last.

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Do you ever find yourself wishing that Christmas had a little more Fourth of July in it? Or that Christmas was a touch more patriotic? One clever group has figured out a way to combine the birth of Christ with the birth of our nation in one magical and highly patriotic holiday light display.

Set to Lee Greenwood’s uber-patriotic anthem “Proud To Be An American,” along with other of our nation’s theme songs, including the Marine’s Hymn, Christmas lights blink in red, white, and blue flag-waving glory. The creator, FreedomAutosport, crafted the light show in honor of US veterans and┬áservice-people. Because nothing says thank you for your sacrifice like a whopping huge electric bill.

Considering recreating this look at home? Remember if you combine Christmas and the Fourth of July the neighbors can’t complain if you leave your lights up all year.

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