Where is America’s Vainest City?

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Think Los Angeles is the land of collagen injections and implants, where the vainest among us flock to be somebody? Think again.

Daily deal site LivingSocial has figured out which city thinks they’re the fairest of them all: Miami. Los Angeles isn’t even in the top 5; Chicago, Atlanta, Philadelphia, and Phoenix follow Miami as vainest city in America.

“Vain? That would definitely be it, especially here in South Beach,” Ramon Gutierrez of Miami Beach told NBC Miami.

Teaming up with Mandala Research, LivingSocial surveyed 4,000 online users in 20 major U.S. cities, including 200 from the Miami area.The majority of Miami locals ranked themselves a 7 or higher on a scale of 1 to 10 for attractiveness. Miamians also knew the most people who have had laser hair removal, a tummy tuck, collagen injections, and liposuction. We guess it makes sense that the pressure to maintain a bikini-ready figure year-round would be more intense in South Beach. “It’s all about your image, it’s what you’re wearing, the bag that you’re carrying, and the car you’re driving,” Jackie Cook told NBC.

Though Miamians thought they were hot, they didn’t  think the same of their fellow Miami residents. Users ranked Miami men as 38% handsome, and 53% of 305 women as beautiful, and more Miamians thought that men in their city were short than any other city surveyed.

What’s the most insecure city in America? That honor goes to Cleveland, Ohio. Well, if this happened to you, wouldn’t you be, too?

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