FedEx Apologizes After Video of Driver Throwing Fragile Package Goes Viral

Not all publicity is good publicity.

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The viral YouTube video captures a veritable nightmare before Christmas: a delivery man carries a large package from a white truck emblazoned with the “FedEx” logo to the front gate of someone’s home. Without an attempt to ring the doorbell or even walk up to the door, the driver hoists the box over his head, tosses it over the gate and leaves. Inside the box: a computer monitor, a clearly fragile object.

YouTube user goobie55 said that his monitor, not surprisingly, arrived broken and had to be returned. But a well-placed security camera left him with a bit of retribution. Posting the clip on YouTube, the video quickly went viral, receiving over 5 million views in just five days.

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FedEx responded with a YouTube video of its own. Senior vice president of U.S. operations Matthew Thornton said in the video that FedEx has met with the customer, who has accepted the company’s apology. “This goes directly against all FedEx values,” he said.

Thornton also said that because of employee privacy rules, he cannot disclose what will happen to the deliverer, noting only that he is “not working with customers” at the moment.