Is That Really a Photo of Pippa and Prince Harry?

Look closely — it's a cleverly staged parody by artist Alison Jackson.

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Alison Jackson

She’s snapped Prince Harry and Pippa Middleton in a loving embrace, Simon Cowell receiving an intimate waxing and a naked Tiger Woods using just a club cover to protect his modesty.

But take a closer look at the work of British artist Alison Jackson, and you’ll find these shocking photos aren’t quite what they seem.

The controversial photographer, perhaps best known for her staged photos of the royal family, uses remarkably accurate lookalikes to portray celebrities in compromising situations.

“It depicts the public fantasy of what these celebrities’ lives are like, based on what we read in the media,” the artist told TIME at the launch of her latest book. “I’m fascinated by our fixation with celebrity and the fact that you can’t really tell what’s real any more, so I take lookalikes and put them in situations the public might imagine these people might experience — and the pictures look completely real,” she added. Behind her, doubles of David and Victoria Beckham and a lookalike of their daughter, Harper, recreated a surreal interpretation of the Nativity scene.

Alison Jackson

Jackson’s new book, Exposed!, features a visual feast of imaginings form this year’s new stories, including Muammar Gaddafi touring the London Underground, Lady Gaga wearing a turkey on her head (which is not too far-fetched, to be fair) and supermodel Kate Moss downing a bottle of vodka at her wedding.

And while some scenes — Osama Bin Laden looking at pornography, or Kate Middleton in what can best be described as a numerical entanglement with a stripper at her bachelorette party — might not be to everyone’s taste, Alison certainly can’t be accused of playing it safe.

The 51-year old was a relative late-comer to the art world, only starting seriously in her late 30s after becoming frustrated with the lack of opportunities for female directors in the film industry. Returning to her roots, Alison revealed her next project will be a large-scale TV production for the BBC. NewsFeed imagines the royal family will be watching with great trepidation.

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