Just Add Music: Video Turns Hockey Commentator Into Piano Virtuoso

If Don Cherry's desk were a piano, this is what his broadcasts would sound like.

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In this brilliantly overdubbed video, Canadian ice-hockey commentator Don Cherry, known for his loud sartorial style and strong opinions, punctuates one of his analyses with discordant piano playing.

It’s funny because it’s true: his hands really do look like they could be playing schmaltzy lounge music (albeit poorly and angrily) as he repeatedly and forcefully splays his fingers on the desk.

The dubbed piano sounds are sensitive to his every desk tap, matching the approximate key positions as if the desk really were a piano. Lighter gestures are given a softer sound, while a few open-palm slaps on the desk are dubbed with the most abrasive and loudly played chords. Toward the end of the video, he sweeps his hand across the desk, “playing” a piano slide.

As for the velvet suit and the equally in-your-face accessories — we think he’s fit for the lounge-pianist role already.

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