The New Knut? Internet Enamored by Siku, the Danish Polar Bear

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Adorable Internet animals beware – there is a new ursine sensation that will crush you with his cuteness.

Meet Siku, the month-old polar bear from Denmark who has inspired “awww”s worldwide with his videotaped antics. Siku’s mother can’t produce any milk, so the little bear (whose name means “ice” in Greenlandic) is being bottle-fed. In addition to his prodigious ability to guzzle milk, Siku loves to lounge around, get back rubs and snooze while sticking his tongue out.


Following in the paw-steps of the Berlin Zoo’s Knut, Siku has swiftly become an online celebrity, boasting a Facebook page with 20,000 followers where fans can watch his latest videos.

Siku will be even more spoiled than Knut, however, enjoying the “world’s largest polar bear facility” at the Scandinavian Wildlife Park, according to one of his carers, Frank Vigh-Larsen.

Siku’s name is meant to bring attention to the fact that polar bears may go extinct in the wild as global warming melts the ice they rely on to hunt. The zoo is encouraging people to reduce their carbon footprints on Siku’s behalf, reports Der Spiegel. “If you all do that, he would be very, very happy,” said Vigh-Larsen on the Today show on Tuesday.

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