Reading While Eating for December 30: Simply Divine

Friday's links say farewell to 2011 by celebrating the finer, and odder, things in life.

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Lucas Jackson / Reuters

Organizers toss confetti from a window during the annual "air worthiness test" in Times Square during preparations for New Year's Eve celebrations in New York

NewsFeed prefers its Indian cuisine coated in 24-karat gold. We’ll have to take the private jet to Bangalore for a quick bite. (Divanee)

We’ll then stroll along to Nepal’s local elephant beauty pageant, where pachyderms wear red nail polish. (The Daily What)

Then, Toby will bring the car around and take us to a hotel made completely out of sand. Nothing says luxury like finding grains of the stuff in your clothing for weeks afterward. (LIFE)

But don’t let us drink too much while we’re at the hotel, or else we’ll end up going online and buying the entire building, plus the private island it’s on. (Moneyland)

We once had too much Cristal and ended up wearing a false mustache, like Justin Bieber did, presumably sober, on a red carpet. (Go Fug Yourself)

But Bieber had better watch his back in 2012. This 15-year-old Korean girl is the newest teenage sensation. (BuzzFeed)