‘Never Liked It Anyway’: Website Lets You Sell Your Breakup Casualties

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With the new year upon us, resolutions and vows of a new beginning are, too. For some, it’s time to dump the bad relationship—and the stuff the ex left behind.

Mashable has highlighted a startup that helps you do just that. You still have to break up with the person on your own, but Never Liked it Anyway is a marketplace for all the items you’re left with afterward. In reality, these are perfectly fine goods: clothing, albums, wedding dresses, computer cases, MacBook Pros. However, we all know how a relationship’s end can render your house or closet into an emotional landmine.

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The owner of the site, Bella, created the site after she found herself with a plane ticket following a breakup the week before Christmas. She created the website as a “place where once loved partners get a second chance.”  Sellers submit a photo of what they’re trying to get rid of, list the “real world price” and the “break up price” for the item, and all the juicy details behind the item.

Some stories are sad, like the description for one wedding dress: “Although this dress was one of a kind, apparently he didn’t think that I was his one and only. I wish the lying fool would have at least paid for the dress and all the deposits we put down on the wedding. Instead, he left me broke & broken hearted.”

Other stories are nostalgic and kind of funny, like the story behind a vintage fondue set: “…we’re on holiday in Switzerland in a super romantic wooden cabin, snow outside, hot tubs and mulled wine. […] Everything was going great until the steaming-hot pot of chocolate fell on my arm, scalding my entire right side and completely ruining the moment!”

There’s also a space for people to commiserate and share their tales of woe and betrayal, and a “Moving on Manual” where people share tips to “get your groove back.”  Even if you can’t add to the therapy session, the deals on the items are pretty good—as long as you’re not superstitious. As they say, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

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