Sci-Fi Brothel to Open in Nevada

An infamous entrepreneur plans to open the Alien Cathouse, located 90 miles from Las Vegas.

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Hey gents, have you ever found yourself jealous of Captain James T. Kirk and his, …er intergalactic conquests? Do you longingly watch Jabba the Hutt’s dancing slave (her name is Oola, if you’re interested) and wonder, what if? Do you long to go where no man has gone before? Well, once a new sci-fi brothel opens in Nevada, you can.

Nevada is the only state that allows legal prostitution, and there are two dozen licensed brothels in the state, but none are sci fi-themed, yet. Nevada businessman and documentary star Dennis Hof just bought a run-down brothel 90 miles from Las Vegas and is planning on turning it into his newest business venture: Alien Cathouse. The brothel will feature girls from around the galaxy for men willing to pay. Hof’s interplanetary vision doesn’t end at the cathouse door, though. According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, he is looking to transform not only the brothel, but the entire plot of land into an Area 51-themed tourist destination. Fun for the whole family — though perhaps not.

Hof is an expert in building buzzworthy brothels – his Moonlite Bunny Ranch is the setting for the HBO reality show called Cathouse — but when it comes to dreaming up sexy alien girls, he needs a little assistance. The Las Vegas Review-Journal explains that as Hof crafts his out-of-this-world bordello filled with girls from other planets, he is getting some help from one one of earth’s experts, the infamous madam Heidi Fleiss. “She’s the chief alien design queen,” Hof told the paper. The old friends are working together to plan the costumes and decor for the sci fi-themed brothel and are hoping to open their doors in a month. Start planning your intergalactic travel plans now, guys.

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