Fret Not, Internet: Kim Jong Un Has Started Looking at Things

North Korea's new Supreme Leader is a top contender for the Internet's favorite meme.

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KCNA / Reuters

Kim Jong Un, looking at things.

If you found yourself panicked that the highly acclaimed and inexplicably entertaining “Kim Jong Il Looking at Things” blog would become defunct after the Dear Leader’s recent death, fear no more. North Korea has a new leader, but more importantly, North Korea has a new person who likes to look at things.

Although you can continue to enjoy images of the Dear Leader posted posthumously on the original blog, the site dedicated to his successor proves quite promising. Recent entries feature new images which, according to the Daily Mail, were taken during a tour of a military camp and released by a state-run news service.

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Perhaps most ironic is the photo of Kim Jong Un looking on disapprovingly as a soldier gestures to a veritable smorgasbord of reasonably edible-looking food. What the image does not convey, of course, is the staggering number of North Koreans affected by the impoverished nation’s ongoing food shortage. Notwithstanding this or any other of the country’s problems, the new Supreme Leader still manages to enjoy looking at things, sometimes rather gleefully. The blog features several images in which he looks highly amused as he looks at various things, including but not limited to a pool of fish, an air force unit, and his father.

As the incumbent Supreme Leader, there’s no denying that Kim Jong Un has big shoes to fill. Fingers crossed for a picture of him looking at those shoes by the end of the week.

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