City Dwellers Drop Trou for Annual No-Pants Subway Ride

It's a pants-off dance-off on public transit for Improv Everywhere's yearly stunt

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Every January, the Internet pranksters of Improv Everywhere kick off the new year with a treat for straphangers: The No Pants Subway Ride. The name pretty much explains the concept (riding the subway sans pants) and every year eager exhibitionists shed their trousers and hop on the closest train. The annual tradition means parents on public transit are covering their kids’ eyes as the pants-free participants travel the rails.

While usually the pantsless riders have to face down fellow subway riders stares and freezing temperatures, for yesterday’s 11th Annual No Pants Subway Ride, the weather (at least in New York) took pity on the pantsless and was a mild 44 degrees. The practically balmy conditions meant that, according to Improv Everywhere’s tally, over 4,000 riders helped mark the occasion by riding the rails without pants.

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While it seems like a no pants subway ride would be an “only in New York” kind of event, Improv Everywhere claims that there are 59 other cities in 27 countries around the world who also like to give voyeurs a once-a-year thrill.

The official video for this year’s ride isn’t available yet, but the above video was shot on the 1 train with a soundtrack provided by some troubadours who hopefully earned some very big tips. Although, without pants on, where do you keep your pocket change?

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