Reading While Eating for January 10: Making History

Tuesday's links talk vintage humor and old-school beauty.

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Stefan Wermuth / Reuters

A gymnast practices on the uneven bars during a training session before the Olympic gymnastics venue test event in east London on January 9, 2012.

Antique Jokes: Long before Facebook, humor still went viral in the Civil War era. (New York Times)

Mike Check: Just because they’re out of the park doesn’t mean the movement’s over. Check out this oral history of Occupy Wall Street. (Vanity Fair)

Fizzy Controversy: Mouse-dissolving Mountain Dew might just save America. No seriously, hear us out. (TIME Ideas)

Hair-Raising: Think you suffer for beauty now? These vintage photos of curling contraptions will have you feeling grateful. (LIFE)

Get Your Kleenex Ready: This four-year-old has spina bifida, and a dad who transforms his wheelchair into super-cool contraptions. (The Daily What)

Secret to Success: Our favorite headline of the day: “BREAKING: Witch Who Granted BeyoncĂ© Fame Returns To Claim Firstborn Child.” (The Onion)

Viral Video: This street artist can do more with one finger than most artists can do with an entire studio. (Gizmodo)