Snoop Dogg, Willie Nelson Caught With Drugs at Same Checkpoint

Officers at the checkpoint have a habit of making extremely obvious drug busts.

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Mario Anzuoni / Reuters

Snoop Dogg poses at the 11th Annual BMI Urban Awards at the Pantages theatre in Los Angeles August 26, 2011.

When a tour bus carrying a famous entertainer rolls into the highway checkpoint at Sierra Blanca near El Paso, Texas, take a few extra minutes to inspect it. The checkpoint’s history speaks for itself.

It wasn’t just hip-hop entertainer Snoop Dogg who was arrested at the Interstate 10 checkpoint in west Texas last weekend, according to the Associated Press. The Sierra Blanca is also responsible for the arrest of Willie Nelson in November 2010.

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Over the weekend, the California rapper’s bus was stopped there after a U.S. border agent smelled marijuana in the vehicle. A dog—but with only one ‘g’ this time—sniffed out the exact spot of the more than two ounces of the drug and Calvin Broadus (Snoop Dogg’s legal name) was cited and released.

According to the AP report, a typical case with a similar offense would yield a no-contest please and a $500 fine, simply mailed in to Hudspeth County. But that wasn’t the scenario with Nelson, as local prosecutor Kit Bramblett also wanted the country star to sing a ditty in court. But a judge called that arrangement a joke and quelled the extra hoopla it would generate.

NewsFeed supposes that a Snoop verse in a courtroom, sadly, wouldn’t happen either.

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