Blue Ivy Carter Is the Youngest Person Ever on the Billboard Charts

Beyoncé and Jay-Z's baby ousted Stevie Wonder's daughter for the title.

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Rob Tringali / SportsChrome / Getty Images

Although she is only five days old, Blue Ivy Carter, daughter of music icons Jay-Z and Beyoncé, is already making and breaking records. The newborn just bested Stevie Wonder’s daughter as the youngest person to ever appear on the Billboard music charts.

While the baby was undoubtedly destined for musical greatness (or at least Willow Smith levels of talent), making the charts as an infant is quite a feat. Proud papa Jay-Z recorded and released his track “Glory” less than 48 hours after his daughter’s birth. The song features baby Blue Ivy cooing and crying from the cradle, which is why she is credited on the song. The album debuted on the Billboard R&B/Hip-Hop song charts at no. 74, officially making B.I.C. — as she’s credited on the song — the youngest person ever to make the charts, according to Billboard.

The title was formerly held by Stevie Wonder’s daughter, Aisha. Wonder wrote “Isn’t She Lovely” for his then-newborn girl. The track also featured the little girl’s coos and breaths, but did not credit her for her contributions to the song. When the oversight was rectified and the song hit the charts, Aisha was already two years old. So Blue Ivy reigns supreme, as NewsFeed is sure she will continue to do as she grows up.

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