Harry Potter, Robert Pattinson’s Hair Shine at People’s Choice Awards

Katy Perry was the biggest winner of the evening, but she was a no-show at the ceremony, which aired Wednesday night.

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Christopher Polk / Getty Images

Robert Pattinson debuts a new hairstyle and a new friendship with Betty White at the 2012 People's Choice Awards

The people have spoken, and what they’ve said is they still love Harry Potter after all these years. At Wednesday’s 2012 People’s Choice Awards in Los Angeles, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2 racked up wins in four categories, including favorite movie and favorite ensemble movie cast. Emma Stone was also one of the evening’s superstars, officially taking home the prize for favorite actress and comedic movie actress, and winning NewsFeed’s prize for favorite outfit.

The night’s most prolific winner, however, chose not to attend the ceremony. Despite her absence, Katy Perry snagged wins in five categories, including song of the year, favorite music video and favorite T.V. guest star for How I Met Your Mother.

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Perhaps the biggest surprise of the night was the premiere of Robert Pattinson’s highly contentious buzz cut as he accepted the best drama award for Water for Elephants. Ditching his signature locks may be a symbolic attempt to shed his identity as “you know, that one dude from Twilight.”

Longtime fan favorite Ellen DeGeneres won favorite daytime T.V. host, and pop star extraordinaire Lady Gaga won favorite album for Born This Way. Morgan Freeman received the favorite movie icon award — a new category which seems like it could have been created specifically for him.

Upon learning he’d been nominated for the new distinction, Freeman told a reporter, “I decided to look up ‘icon’ and here’s what I found: the first definition said an icon is a tiny picture on a computer screen that represents a file.” If they ever create a category for most humble recipient of an “icon” award, we have a winner.

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