Networking for the One Percent: Company Offers Diamond-Studded Business Cards

Really want to make an impression at a job interview? Try handing out a business card worth $1500.

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Black Astrum

If you really want to leave an impression, passing on a diamond business card should do the trick.

Luxury company Black Astrum has released what is apparently the world’s most expensive business card, worth about $1,500 per card. The Black Astrum Signature Cards are made of Swiss metal with some sets donning over 30 carats worth of diamonds. The cards are custom-made and sold in packs of 25, 50 or 100.

According to Business Insider, the cards are “invitation only” and made for select elite clientele. The first cards were designed for a wealthy Middle Eastern family and there are now requests from high-profile¬†clients across Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

Sufian Khawaja, Black¬†Astrum’s concept director, told Business Insider, “We’ve had several inquiries from American celebrities and international businessmen, however our cards are offered by invitation only, reflecting our desire to serve only the most premier individuals.”

According to the website, the business cards are crafted to recognize the status of Black Astrum clients and are designed as “the ultimate expression of a member’s own individuality and character.”

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