Microwaveable Slippers: The Trend You Didn’t Know You Needed

Constantly chilly? Forget Snuggies. Hot Booties are the newest as-seen-on-TV fad.

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What, you never came home from a long day out and wished you could microwave your slippers?

Your home slippers, UGG boots and plush socks will no longer suffice. Meet Hot Booties, the footwear you pop in the microwave for lasting warmth and comfort. Plus, they massage your feet! The soles are filled with “natural linseed” that “holds heat” for up to an hour, or so says the infomercial NewsFeed can’t seem to escape.

The Daily What calls these the “First World Slippers of the Day,” and, honestly, is there anything more #firstworldproblems than slippers that don’t heat your feet?

That being said, they’re only $14.99 and might make a friend in a snowy, below-zero place very happy to find these in the mail.

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