White Castle: A Valentine’s Day Hot Spot?

Nothing says romance more than going to a White Castle, right? Maybe for Harold and Kumar.

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Jay LaPrete, File / AP

A White Castle restaurant in Columbus, Ohio.

America’s first fast-food hamburger chain is once again pulling out all the stops on the most romantic night of the year (after the Super Bowl, of course). Because Feb. 14 is the day that White Castle transforms its, er, rather basic experience into a full-service set-up, resplendent with tablecloths, table service, flowers (quite possibly plastic ones, but it’s the thought that counts), “charming decorations” and free dessert. Needless to say, we’re head over heels already.

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“Since the beginning of our sit-down Valentine’s Day dinner, the event has grown into a system-wide, nationally known event,” said Jamie Richardson, vice president of corporate relations. “It’s the commitment and loyalty from our Cravers that has turned the White Castle Valentine’s Day dinner into the success it is today. For an event that started 21 years ago in only a few regions, the dinner has grown in popularity and has become a tradition among couples, friends and families.”

And if you still require convincing, each reservation will receive a complimentary digital photo available through the White Castle website once the epic meal — and true love — has run its course.

Here are the all important details: You can check out the locations via White Castle’s Facebook page to secure your spot and truly impress your date. But neither NewsFeed nor White Castle can guarantee that the night will ultimately conclude in such a manner as memorable as the meal itself.

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