Gentlemint: It’s Pinterest, But Without the Girly Stuff

From Moustache Championships to Pappy Van Winkle Bourbon, Gentlemint collects the web’s most virile things.

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Pinterest may have inspired the website Gentlemint, but you won’t find DIY glitter projects here. This community runs on pure testosterone.

“The idea came—as all good ideas do—after visiting Pinterest and seeing too many pictures of wedding veils and thinking, ‘Man, I wish there was something that just had cool stuff that I would like.’ And here we are,” co-founder Glen Stansbery told The Daily Dot.

Only a few days old, Gentlemint hosts a growing community of users who post photos, links and blurbs to the homepage, Mashable reports.

Stansbery and Brian McKinney (Kansas-based web designers who built the site in about 12 hours) were aiming for an “old-school, ‘gentlemanly’ feel,” according to Mashable.  With photos of pipes, flasks, wilderness and facial hair practically growing across the page, it seems the pair succeeded. The American Moustache Institute even called it “one of the more manly websites on the planet.” Impressive.

“When we were designing the site we just kept having fun with the idea of the manly mustache and elements like that, so we went with it,” Stansberry told Mashable.

The site is still invitation only, so you’ll have to get in line behind Ron Swanson.

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