Critics Rip Steven Tyler Over National Anthem Rendition

The Aerosmith singer and American Idol judge is taking some heat after singing the National Anthem before the AFC Championship game.

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The American Idol judge more or less shrieked his way through the National Anthem before the Ravens-Patriots game on Sunday.  This may be the “Demon of Screamin’s” trademark sound, but it prompted some scathing reactions, as noted by Yahoo! Sports, MSNBC and The Bleacher Report:

  •’s Jason Whitlock tweeted: “Steven Tyler far more obscene than Janet Jackson’s t—-.”
  • SportsGrid’s reaction: “Steven Tyler Sings/Screeches/Murders The National Anthem”
  • ESPN commentator Skip Bayless tweeted: “How could Patriots be inspired by that awful anthem sung by Steven Tyler? At least give him some screaming guitars to camouflage voice.”
  • FOX News panelist Greg Gutfeld tweeted: “I went outside to put a raccoon out of its misery – then I realized my neighbor was watching Steven Tyler sing the Star-Spangled Banner.”
  • ESPN‘s Doug Gottlieb tweeted: “Steven Tyler should not be going to Hollywood with that performance.”
  • Jezebel’s reaction: “Depending on how much you like your singers to sound like dying animals, Steven Tyler either destroyed “The Star-Spangled Banner” before today’s AFC Championship game, as in knocked it out of the park, or destroyed it as in you cringe so hard that your face breaks.”

NewsFeed thinks the critics are a little too harsh on the guy. After all, it could have been worse. Tyler, sporting a sequined Patriots scarf, didn’t completely butcher Francis Scott Key’s lyrics à la Christina Aguilera, nor did the 63-year-old’s performance jinx the Patriots. His home team is headed to the Super Bowl after beating the Baltimore Ravens 23-20.

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