Disney Allows Theme-Park Employees to Grow Beards and Goatees

After almost 60 years of clean-shaven staff members, Disney parks will now allow employees to sport well-groomed facial hair

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TAO Images Limited / Getty Images

The “Disney Look” is getting an update.  Come Feb. 3, male costumed staff members will be able to wear facial hair to work, and non-costumed staff members can partake in casual Fridays, according to a memo published by Disney news blog Inside the Magic.

Though employees have been able to sport a ’stache since 2000, the park took another decade to accept goatees and beards, the Orlando Sentinel reports.

According to the Sentinel, dress-code changes at Disney occur only after years of consideration, including reviews of Fortune 500 companies. Female employees weren’t allowed to work in a skirt with bare legs until just two years ago.

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“I think that a little bit of individuality between the cast members is not a bad thing,” a Disney cast member told WESH Orlando. “I think that people can have facial hair and still be beautiful, clean-cut and wholesome.”

But not everyone agrees with the newfound facial freedom.

“You’re having people going, ‘Yahoo! Cool!,’ and you’re going to have the traditional Disney workers — who have their own supply of pixie dust — that doubt Walt would approve,” Donna-Lynne Dalton, a Teamsters Local 385 union spokeswoman, told the Associated Press.

The memo mentioned some restrictions: beard hair can be no longer than a quarter of an inch long, and “extreme styles are prohibited.” That means the Seven Dwarfs probably have to buy razors.

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