Hate Nickelback? Watch What You Tweet

The love-em-or-loathe-em band is responding to Internet haters on Twitter.

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Ben Nelms / Reuters

Nickelback singer Chad Kroeger (L) and drummer Daniel Adair perform a football halftime show.

If you thought you were quite the jokester making fun of Canadian band Nickelback on your Twitter feed (and really, couldn’t you come up with something more original?), the marketing person manning the band’s own Twitter feed has some jokes on the ready too.

As non-fans from throughout the world have piled on the now-popular act of making fun of the band, Nickelback is doing just fine still, thank you. Detroit Lions football fans made the make-fun-of-Nickelback-at-no-cost attitude popular in November when the band was announced as the halftime entertainment for the team’s nationally televised Thanksgiving Day game. Football fans took to social media—and a petition signed by 50,000—to lay into the band as not good enough and not Detroit enough. Nickelback played the halftime show anyway and is now having a few words to say to haters.

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The sarcastic (and some might say harsh) replies keep pouring in from the Nickelback Twitter feed, replying to as many negative comments as they can, and even ones that didn’t employ a hashtag. On Sunday, when things really started to take off, the band posted they are “just getting started,” although the replies have trailed off slightly during the workweek.

The band’s replies range from tame to a tad strong. One tweet simply asks Nickelback to “retire,” which elicited the band telling the person to “Get it together and make it count” after saying they were “trying too hard.” A bolder fan tweeted that “Nickelback makes we want to chop my ears off.” The band didn’t seem to mind, replying, “Did you do it yet? What’s the hold-up?” Another tweeter, finding themselves quite clever, we’re sure, says that when the Twitter user recently heard a Nickelback song they had an aneurism, an uncontrollable bowel movement (other words not suitable for a family magazine were actually chosen) and that their dog died, to which the band replied: “I bet it was the best day you’ve had in a while. #yourwelcome”.

With over 140,000 followers on Twitter and the support of fellow rocker Chris Daughtry, who tweeted the stunts were “hilarious” and that “you gotta have fun,” Nickelback might be getting the last laugh.

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