Justin Long Is Mitt Romney as Steve Carell in The Office

Confused yet?

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Does this parody trifecta make sense to you? It will, sort of, once you watch. There are a few layers to untangle in a new web parody video released on Thursday by liberal activist organization Moveon.org.

First, it stars Justin Long, the “Mac guy” incarnate. Secondly, it stars Justin Long as caricature of GOP candidate Mitt Romney, heavily harping on the out-of-context but still infamous Romney statement that “I like to fire people who provide services to me.” And finally, it stars Justin Long as Mitt Romney as Steve Carell in The Office. The composite character is now not only a hapless manager, but also has a penchant for firing people.

The real Michael Scott, loyal to a fault to his fellow Scranton cubicle-dwellers, would presumably be shocked.

Romney, the parody version, begins the clip by echoing Newt Gingrich and Democratic National Committee attacks, announcing with Scott-like candor: “I’m Mitt Romney. Bain Capital, my company, is a private equity firm. And the way it works here at Bain is that we buy up struggling companies and we streamline them … Mostly by firing people.”

So, political commentary aside, is the three-minute documentary-style parody funny? Well, Long does somewhat decently at mimicking Romney’s facial and verbal tics (including a debate-ready smile).

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