The War on Pajamas Continues: Dublin Welfare Agency Bans PJs

Pajamas: a ridiculously comfortable menace to society.

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Henglein and Steets / Getty Images

Recent attempts to instate anti-pajama legislation in Louisiana have spread to Ireland, where workers at a Dublin welfare agency prohibited sleepwear in the office, the BBC reported. A notice posted on the door read, “Pyjamas are not regarded as appropriate attire when attending Community Welfare Service at these offices.”

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No official legislation banning sleepwear exists quite yet, but this isn’t the first time pajamas have raised European ire. Two years ago, the principal of St Matthew’s Primary School in Belfast notoriously sent a letter to parents berating them for picking up their children in sleepwear and slippers, deeming the attire “slovenly and rude.” The warning came shortly after a Tesco supermarket in Wales barred customers from shopping in nightwear. According to signs posted at the store’s entrance, the ban’s purpose was “to avoid causing embarrassment to others,” the Daily Mail reported.

In Louisiana, the commissioner who proposed the recent anti-pajama ordinance told the Wall Street Journal, “The moral fiber in America is dwindling away. What is it going to be tomorrow? Walking around in your underwear?”

Sure, parading around town in pajamas can be seen as “slovenly and rude,” but it most likely won’t deteriorate America’s moral fiber. Didn’t reality television do that years ago?

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