Ferris Bueller Trades a Ferrari for a Honda CR-V in Super Bowl Ad

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More than four million people watched a cryptic 10-second teaser featuring Matthew Broderick after the clip’s Thursday release, revving up the rumor mill with hopes for a Ferris Bueller sequel. But alas, it was only a car commercial. Only a car commercial? Pardon us – this is a Todd Phillips-directed (he also helmed The Hangover), Matthew Broderick-starring Super Bowl commercial.

On Monday, a full six days before the Giants vs. Pats showdown on Super Bowl Sunday, Honda has given us a taste of its upcoming weekend ad magic, one that will cost in the realm of $3.5 million for a mere 30 seconds of airtime. Which is probably why they put the 2 minute, 25 second video on YouTube. It will eventually be cut to a much shorter length, but the extended version pays solid homage to the 1986 film that inspired high school students everywhere to play hooky.

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And the ad suddenly makes us feel rather old. It becomes clear how, 26 years later, Ferris has grown up. By our rough estimates, he would now be 43, so presumably that technically-stolen 1961 Ferrari would be a mere memory for the high-school rebel. But Bueller hasn’t ditched his wayward ways quite yet. The commercial follows the original Ferris Bueller, actor Matthew Broderick, as he fakes sick on the phone with his agent, explaining that he won’t make the day’s film shoot. A slew of grown-up activities follow, including a trip to the horse-racing track instead of Wrigley Field. Broderick even shows off his singing pipes once again before a leisurely ride in his Honda CR-V. Indeed, the car only sees a roaring ride when the valet jumps in.

But Honda’s ad, along with Volkwagen’s Canine Star Wars ad released last week, are only fueling the anticipation for blowout commercial breaks this Sunday. Honda proves that advertisers are eager to please viewers: after all, who would have thought a CR-V could jump like that?

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