A 5-Year-Old Girl’s Insight on Popular Logos

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If the cute voice of the 5-year-old doing the voiceover on the video doesn’t make you smile, then certainly her opinions on popular logos will—either because of her lack of knowledge of some brands and obvious indoctrination from others.

Adam Ladd, a graphic designer from Cincinnati, sat down with his 5-year-old daughter, Faith, and showed her more than two dozen logos, recording her reactions to them with a Phil Wickham song, aptly titled Eden, playing in the background. Faith obviously has no clue about some of them, and thus describes them as a typical 5-year-old might, comparing them to a marble, a shooting star or a parade elephant (sorry, Republican Party, you have your work cut out on this little one).

Others, though, Faith knows quite well. She quickly points out the Disney logo (no surprise here) and equates the McDonald’s logo to a “‘M’ made out of fries.” She knows Starbucks is coffee and correctly names the company associated with the famous Swoosh. But her most obvious awareness comes when she confidently says, “That is the Apple store logo.”

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