OK Go to Release Music Video Featuring 1,000 Handmade Instruments

Famous for their creative videos, OK Go prepares to launch their latest single on Super Bowl Sunday.

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“One car. 228 guitars. 55 pianos. 1,157 homemade instruments. And OK Go,” teases the band’s trailer for its upcoming “Needing/Getting” music video. Consider the above sneak peek an invitation to tune in this weekend; the full clip will premiere before the Giants and Patriots face off on Super Bowl Sunday, Gizmodo reports. The video doubles as an ad for the Chevy Sonic, directing viewers to a site where Chevy encourages users to try things for the first time.

Ever since the band’s “Here it Goes Again” video launched them into the limelight, OK Go has been known as much for its inventive videos as its indie pop-dance hits.  Since then, the guys have racked up more than 139 million views on their YouTube channel, and have made appearances everywhere from This American Life to the U.S. Senate Chambers.

More recently, the band created a kaleidescope-inspired video for the Grammy-nominated song “All Is Not Lost.” The video features Pilobolus, a Connecticut-based company of choreographers and dancers. The quartet also teamed up with Google Chrome web browser to release an interactive music experiment, All Is Not Lost, using the aforementioned song. The site allows users to type in a message and have it come to life with film and music from its video with Pilobus dancers.

They’ve even gone a little more mainstream with a technicolor video for the Muppets that remixes the “Muppet Show Theme Song” for the latest version of the movie. Any band that gets to hang out with Muppets is cool in NewsFeed’s book.

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