Michelle Obama Bests Ellen DeGeneres in Push-Up Contest

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Ellen DeGeneres should have known not to challenge First Lady Michelle Obama to any sort of fitness competition. The woman is seriously in shape. She holds a world record for jumping jacks, after all, and boasts an official portrait worthy of the cover of a fitness magazine.

But those impressive credentials didn’t stop DeGeneres from challenging the First Lady to a push-up contest on her talk show, the Telegraph reports. “How many push-ups can you do?” DeGeneres asked the first lady. Not one to back down from a competition, Obama casually responded, “some.”

With the pressure on, DeGeneres certainly held her own. But the First Lady clearly won, completing 25 push-ups — and as The Page notes, she easily could have kept going.

After losing the challenge, DeGeneres joked, “I thought it wouldn’t be good to show up the First Lady, so I stopped. I thought, ‘This looks bad that I’m going to beat her.’”

On the show to promote “Let’s Move,” her campaign for healthy living, it’s clear that FLOTUS practices what she preaches.

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