Psychic Puppies? Jimmy Fallon’s NFL Sketch May Have Predicted Super Bowl Winner

The late-night comic's puppy race predicted the Patriots would win the Super Bowl back in September. Could it be a sign?

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When the NFL season kicked off this fall, Jimmy Fallon based his bets on nothing other than some loveable canines. Judging by the results, NewsFeed thinks he might be onto something.

The late-night comedian, who will be hosting a live show on NBC after the Super Bowl on Sunday night, invented the oddly prescient “Puppy Predictors” strategy. Starting with a pool of 32 pooches, Fallon narrowed the field by having the dogs race toward a bowl of dog chow.

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Puppies representing the Patriots, Colts, Eagles and Saints made it to the finish on the Sept. 13 show, but in the end, the New England Patriots’ puppy, aka Bruce Mackabee, took the gold.

This past week, Fallon brought fuzzy Mackabee back on the show to interview him about the big day, but the puppy didn’t give the comedian much to work with other than its inherent cuteness.

NewsFeed’s not sure how much stock to put into Fallon’s predictor, but the Patriots made it this far, so maybe it’s a sign.

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