Super Bowl Spoiler: Elton John Rules the Middle Ages with Pepsi

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In Elton John’s alternate medieval universe, Pepsi is the ultimate currency and music stars rule the world. But it becomes reality in this latest Super Bowlcommercial spoiler, courtesy of Pepsi.

The minute-long ad spot, titled “King’s Court,” features a despotic King Elton John, who’s evidently mistaken the Middle Ages for the Mid-’70s given his gaudy robe adorned with leopard print and acrylic jewels. Fashion faux pas aside, King Elton is auditioning jesters in his court, The X Factor–style. One potential performer fails to wow Elton with his off-key rendition of Nelly’s “Hot in Herre,” leading the King to decree, “No Pepsi for you!” and promptly dropping him through a conveniently placed trapdoor to a dark abyss below. The jester may have been expendable, but to deny him a Pepsi? The horror!

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But, naturally, this wouldn’t be a Hollywood production without a savior – enter The X Factor winner Melanie Amaro, not an inconvenient choice given the show’s oft publicized award of a role in a Pepsi Super Bowl commercial, alongside the $5 million recording contract, of course. But Amaro’s entry into the jester competition wasn’t well received by King Elton, who laughed her off until she belted out a dance cover of Aretha Franklin’s “Respect.” After her serious vocals shatter the castle’s windows, she succeeds in being presented with the coveted sugary soda. But that’s not enough: Amaro stages a flash coup, declaring “Pepsi for all!” and with a fortuitous toss of the King’s scepter, she manages to snag the lever to open the trapdoor, sending King Elton to the depths.

And it’s down in the dungeon that we realize this medieval kingdom was doomed from the start: the former presider of the Pepsi-hogging realm was none other than Public Enemy rapper and clock enthusiast Flavor Flav.

All creative license and believability aside, we’re not really sure where Pepsi was going with this one. But it certainly held up its end of the bargain for Amaro – and perhaps Elton’s appearance in the ad was an attempt to steal thunder from Madonna’s Super Bowl halftime show? “Make sure you lip-sync good,” he explained to Good Morning America last week, offering his advice for the Material Girl’s show. We wonder if she’ll have a retort after seeing this frenetic ad.

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