Super Bowl Gluttony: Bakery Creates Chicken-Wing Cupcake

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Courtesy of Coccadotts Bakery

Coccadotts Cake Shop's cupcake has a corn-bread muffin base, bleu-cheese frosting and a chicken wing to top it all

This crazy concoction fuses the only two meals you really need at your Super Bowl party – buffalo wings and dessert. And one Albany, N.Y., bakery has been swamped with orders from lazy hosts and fascinated eaters alike.

Chicken wings are by far the most popular food served up on Super Bowl Sunday, with Americans predicted to down 1.25 billion of them this weekend, according to the National Chicken Council. The trade organization estimates 23% of Super Bowl watchers will have wings on their plate. That’s already some pretty far-reaching gluttony, so Coccadotts Cake Shop, looking to capitalize on the chicken-wing trend, decided to hone its passion for dessert to get in on the main-course action. The upstate New York bakery whipped up a Chicken Wing Cupcake.

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Don’t be fooled by the name: it may look like an ordinary sweet topped with a chicken wing, but there’s no dessert in these details. Sure, there’s a chicken wing on top, but it’s resting on a buttery corn-bread muffin and frosting made from bleu cheese and hot sauce. There’s even a unique eating process. “You just dip [the wing] into the bleu cheese and finish it off with the cupcake,” cupcake creator and bakery owner Rachel Cocca-Dott explained to Albany’s Fox 23 News.

Though the cupcakes cost $3.50 each, Coccadotts Cake Shop has seen a skyrocketing demand for the creation since it first launched the cupcake last Monday. But strike now, because the bakery doesn’t plan to continue its chicken-wing cupcake very long after the Super Bowl. But for today, at least, Coccadotts encourages us to eat dessert as a main course – after all, it’s a dinner-worthy dish to be served right alongside the day’s other necessities: a hefty helping of potato chips and Bud Light. After a platter full of these, you’ll probably want to skip dessert anyway.

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