McDonald’s Shamrock Shake Makes Its Annual, Triumphant Return

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Lovers of the minty-green confection, rejoice: the Shamrock Shake has returned to McDonald’s.

The limited-edition beverage arrives annually in time for St. Patrick’s Day, but devotees are reporting the mint vanilla milkshake has already made its return, according to the Huffington Post. Haven’t seen it on the menu yet? The “Find the Shake” feature of will show where the elusive dessert has been spotted near you.

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First arriving on menus in the 1970s, the Shamrock Shake also has a charitable past. A 1974 campaign around the shake raised the funds needed to buy the first Ronald McDonald House.

Is the shake still not available in your area? Then whip up a batch of these shake-inspired cupcakes. Or check out this Shamrock Shake commercial from 1983 with what could be the best jingle lyric of all time: “It’s as cool as a lake. Oh what a shake!”