The Perfect Internet Pair: Lana Del Rey Meets The Hunger Games

Comedian Holly Laurent gives the web what it's been waiting for.

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How did the online world exist so long without a Lana Del Rey/Hunger Games mashup? When you watch the video above, you can’t help but wonder if Second City comedian Holly Laurent was just sitting around, thinking, “If I was going to make the most viral video ever, what would be in it?”

The result of this epiphany is a music video with Laurent doing a dead-ringer imitation of sultry and controversial singer Lana Del Rey’s song “Video Games,” set to lyrics inspired by Suzanne Collins’ dystopian young-adult novel and soon-to-be blockbuster movie, The Hunger Games. The lyrics are as inspired as the pairing, making you laugh and cry in equal parts: “I don’t want Peeta to be dead/A pita is a pouch of bread/But that’s his name.” The fact that this video now exists raises the important question: What can possibly be next?

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