Deodorizing Denim: Scratch and Sniff Men’s Jeans Debut in Canada

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Courtesy of Naked & Famous Denim

Canadian innovators have given the world many wonderful gifts, from Trivial Pursuit to walkie-talkies to IMAX movies. But will the newest item on the laundry list of Canadian exports catch on as quickly?

Last week, Montreal-based Naked & Famous Denim released its latest fashion: scented jeans. For men. When scratched, the pants emit the aroma of raspberries. How does it work? Microcapsules filled with perfume are baked right into the denim, according to the company’s website. When you scratch the pants, the perfume is released, leaving behind a fruity trail. Apparently the raspberry scent can endure at least five washes, though according to their designer, Brandon Svarc, that’s a non-issue.

“Many of our male customers don’t wash their jeans very often anyways,” Svarc told “In fact, some ‘denimheads’ don’t ever wash their jeans at all.”

Svarc seems pretty confident about his target audience’s tastes, but at $150 a pop, it’s unknown if the pants will fly off too many shelves. Currently, they’re only available for men, but Svarc told, “Perhaps we will make a women’s version for next season. Do something more girly.”

What could possibly be girlier than raspberry-scented jeans remains unclear.

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