Fashion Week: Five Questions With Designer Rebecca Taylor

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Karl Prouse / Catwalking / Getty Images

Rebecca Taylor on the runway at the Rebecca Taylor Autumn Winter 2012 fashion show during New York Fashion Week on February 10, 2012 in New York.

As she presents her fall-winter collection at New York’s Lincoln Center, Rebecca Taylor tells TIME what inspired this season, the best part of New York City and why she has Kate Middleton fever, too.

What is the collection inspired by?
It’s just inspired by what I want to wear, basically. Nothing discernible. But it has lots of layers, lots of textures. Lots of angora sweaters. It’s very autumnal. Bordeaux, emeralds, navies, charcoal. Beautiful digitized prints.

What is your favorite piece?
My favorite piece would have to be the long black and white glitter print dress.

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What celebrity would you love to dress that you haven’t yet?
Catherine Middleton. I just think she’s beautiful; I think she’s doing a great job, and I love William.

What other collections are you looking forward to seeing?
I look forward to seeing the European collections, Balenciaga, Lanvin, Chloe—all the people we love.

What is the best part of New York City?
The snow, which is coming tomorrow. I love it. (To her daughters): We’re going to be excited about the snow tomorrow. (Her daughters grab hands and start jumping up and down): Snow is coming tomorrow! (Rebecca): Yaaaaay!

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