When Your Seatmate Becomes Your Soul Mate, A New Website Steps In

Hit it off on an airplane, but didn't have the guts to get a phone number? A new missed-connections site can help.

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Flirting takes all shapes and sizes, and tends to take place on land. But the sky can be the limit when it comes to finding true love.

Perhaps NewsFeed is getting overly excited by yet another Valentine’s Day, but we (or at least our heart) jumped for joy upon learning about WeMetOnAPlane.com, which helps seatmates on flights reconnect with one another if said strangers hit it off in the air.

The site has been started by Will Scully-Power, the co-founder of a marketing analytics company, who is based in Sydney, Australia. He met his girlfriend while on a flight from Thailand to Malaysia, and they clearly clicked as email addresses were exchanged. But Scully-Power couldn’t shake the feeling that for many other potential lovebirds, they wouldn’t go the extra mile and, instead, be left with that nagging question of “what if?”

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“After analyzing Google’s search data, we found over 4,000 people were searching daily for someone they’d met on a plane,” Scully-Power explained to MSNBC. “Yet there was no website or service availability to help facilitate a reconnection.”

WeMetOnAPlane.com hopes to solve that by sweeping up stories from flyers wanting to reach out. If an elusive reply is posted, the site sends out an alert (hopefully in red and with lots of hearts) and smartly utilizes social media like Facebook and Twitter to try and help sparks fly.

For now, the venture is in its earliest of days, with a dozen or so stories yet to yield a response. But Scully-Power isn’t in the least bit defeated, as he’d like to expand the idea and join forces with a global airline partner so that his idea of mystery flights for singles takes off.

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